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Why Study Latin? At MSMCS, the 3K-8th grades study Latin in order to be prepared to learn any and several modern languages in high school and beyond. It is also an excellent preparation for the SAT’s taken the junior year of high school for college entrance qualifications. Students learn English as they study Latin. The common 1-2 syllable words of every day speech are English, but the big, 305 syllable words are usually Latin. Latin is the mother tongue of Western civilization. Because it has been the language that has transmitted our cultural heritage for over 2000 years, it pulls together language arts, history, geography, culture, art, architecture, music, values, religion, government, science, and mathematics. Everything in the modern world seems to be related to Latin and the ancient and medieval cultures that spoke it. By examining the roots of our culture in its mother language, knowledge begins to integrate itself naturally. This integration is at the heart of a classical education. (For more information go to www.memoriapress.com)